Kefalonia Airport receives latest safety regulations certificate from EASA

Kefalonia, 2020 – The representatives of Hellenic Civil aviation authority and the Hellenic Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport proudly announced that the international airport of Kefalonia received the latest European Aerodrome safety award by EASA.

Kefalonia airport went under a lot of facility changes and upgrades in the last 2 years, since its acquisition from Fraport SA. This award proves that the new and upgrades terminals of Kefalonia airport are in par with the latest EASA regulations in safety and ease of access.

Becoming more specific, the EASA certification takes note of all the operational data of the facilities (runways, terminals, apron), the daily operation processes (fire safety etc), as also as the organization plan of each aerodrome.

EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) was established in 2002 with the principal objective to guide and maintain the highest possible level of aviation safety in Europe, by providing common rules for all National aviation authorities.